An era has ended.   Hazelwood goes on the open market this month.

After an amazing 28 years we have finally come to realise it is time for Hazelwood to attract to it new owners and it is going on the open market as from mid-April.

As the remaining Partners after Gillian’s sudden death in 2013 we want to acknowledge the power and beauty of Hazelwood and the very many people who have contributed to some extraordinary years in a magical place.

We feel that we, and Gillian, have been supported in this venture in so many ways by some wonderful staff, enthusiastic and encouraging visitors, and many many friends who have stood by us through the years, which did have their challenges as well as their amazing richness.

There are also the performers who came and gave so much, one of the first being The Medici String Quartet who, with great good humour, came every year for many years.   Julie Felix too has been coming and adding her magic, at least annually, for 28 years.  Robin Williamson and his beautiful wife Bina have consistently brought their exciting band of musical followers for weekends.   The support these people, and of course many more, have given has encouraged and heartened as the years rolled by.

Gillian’s Memorial Week was really our swan song.  We were badly shaken but friends came from across the World to give support to us.  They made sure this wonder-filled week took place. 

The program had been planned by Gillian (in recognition of 25 years at Hazelwood) but the helpers who gave tirelessly and with great grace were what made it happen.

All the performers gave their all and Gillian would have been so delighted.  This week, we feel, was the real zenith of our whole Hazelwood experience and expressed all we really value. It was full of joy, love and beauty.

So a huge thank you and we are truly sorry we cannot list the very many people who have given and given to us but you know whom you are so please consider yourselves loved and thanked and deeply appreciated. 

Just one special thank you to Carol Strasman who, although not a Partner, has carried with us much of the responsibility, especially of the day to day; we have had an extraordinary journey together.

May Hazelwood continue, in whatever form, to give to all who go there.

The sale of Hazelwood is being handled by:

Charles Wreford-Brown of Luscombe Maye,  
6 Fore Street, South Brent, 
Tel: 01364 646 170
Email; charles.wreford-brown@luscombemaye.com

All enquires should be addressed to the above.