ONE YEAR ON                   

It is just over a year since Gillian “took off” from Luton Airport to another realm.  Although she would have had it otherwise,  it has to be said that her physical presence has been sadly missed especially by Anabel and Janie, however they are both coming to terms with the absence of such an enormous presence and gradually feeling the way toward the future of Hazelwood.

At the very beginning of the Hazelwood story when asked what we were to do with the place Gillian replied “it will show us!”   Remembering this, those involved in its future are trying to allow the way forward to become clear whilst still keeping the wheels turning.

Some very extraordinary and aware people with huge vision and heart are in conversation with us and some wonderful possibilities are in the mix.   The wish is that Hazelwood comes even more into its own with a view to serving the community both local and world wide.  Through Gillian, especially, the world-wide connections are huge and exciting and there is a wish to foster these whilst also seeing what is appropriate locally.

Hazelwood is thought by many to be a haven.   Havens would seem to be extremely important in the world today.  There is much confusion and uncertainty about and a certain amount of fear as old systems and patterns appear to break down.  Hazelwood is intended to continue to be a place for encouragement and discussion and for people to find they are not alone in their experiences.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those dear friends who have held the faith in us and are with us patiently waiting to see the greatest outcome for a wonderful and beautiful place.


A Bed & Breakfast with an Exciting Cultural Program of Concerts & Events

Hazelwood is a beautiful and captivating venue in South Devon nestled away in the heart of a wild river valley where nature abounds and a great story unfolds. In 2014 Hazelwood decided to unhinge itself from the usual humdrum hospitality titles like hotel and guesthouse and uncover its true nature as a center for creativity in all its forms.

As a venue, Hazelwood offers space in an outstanding area of natural beauty. The house has retained much of its original Victorian charm and characteristics which helps create a 'home from home' atmosphere. The 14 bedrooms are individually decorated and many have stunning views over the valley below. Wholesome food is important to us so meals are cooked simply and beautifully using the best in local and organic ingredients. We care about the environment, recycling and composting any waste. We use eco cleaning products and now have a biomass boiler.

Hazelwood can be hired out for holistic retreats, art workshops, seminars and conferences, celebrations and weddings.

Hazelwood hosts an ongoing programme of concerts, theatre, cultural and art weekends plus dining events and more throughout the year. Keep up to date with our events by adding your email address to our mailing list.